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The art of LaMonte Lamoureux invites us to a place that remains immediately familiar and instantly comforting.

His soft lines that recreate landscapes from around the world provide a sense of nostalgia and opportunity for us to insert our own memories of the people and places they evoke.  His characteristic color palette not only clearly identifies the work as a LaMonte Lamoureux, but furthers a personal relationship with the art by maintaining subtle hues and a soft lens into the worlds he creates on canvas.  There remains a sense of kindness in his paintings that overlook sometimes stark details while portraying a recognizable overview of his subjects allowing their essence to remain at the forefront of our thoughts. 

These pieces are created on canvas and cradled within characteristic wooden frames stretched and created by the artist himself, furthering the sense of personal connection between subjects and creator.  Whether painting familiar vistas, flowers or cherished objects, these are the attributes that have made Lamonte Lamoureux an artist that people want to welcome into their homes and art aficionados instantly want to add to their collections.

LaMonte Lamoureux was born in Alaska, United States on January 6, 1977.  The unique landscapes and environment surrounding him began a balance of appreciating beautiful views with the unique ecology and biological systems that exist below the surface.  Lamoureux further combined these perspectives during his academic studies in the Biological  Sciences with a minor in Fine Arts at  Sierra Nevada College on a combined academic and athletic scholarship as an accomplished downhill ski racer.  He also completed additional university level programs in Lake Tahoe, California; Seattle, Washington; Reno, Nevada; San Francisco, California and Queensland, Australia.

After having been chosen three years in a row to exhibit his work on banners along the iconic California  US Route 101 by Arts Alive,  Lamoureux was approached to install a large mural overlooking the Pacific Ocean at the Seaside Market complex in his home town.  This led to his first exhibition at Fowler´s Boutique in 2019 during which his entire collection sold on its opening reception followed by many successful exhibitions since.  He is also represented at the design centers of Molly Wood Design in Costa Mesa, California, Slate Interiors, Charlotte, North Carolina, Grounded Modern and Kyle & Grace in Encinitas, California.  Lamoureux achieved national exposure with his work being featured on episodes of Help! I Wrecked My House, produced by HGTV and  published in Nurture Parenting magazine and the book House Story by Jasmine Roth.   Internationally, the art of LaMonte Lamoureux can be seen in Dando A Luz Birthing Centers, including the first natural birthing center in Thailand.

LaMonte Lamoureux currently lives in Cardiff by the Sea, California with his wife and two daughters where you can find him painting in his home based garage art studio or surfing the waves at nearby Cardiff Reef and Swamis.

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2016     Arts Alive Banner Artist, Cardiff By The Sea, California

2017     “Surfer Girls” Mural, Seaside Market, Cardiff By The Sea, California

2017     Freelance Design, Pacific Coast Apparel, California

2017     Arts Alive Banner Artist, Cardiff By The Sea, California

2018     Arts Alive Banner Artist, Cardiff By The Sea, California

2018     Freelance Design, Pacific Coast Apparel

2018     Freelance Design, Cardiff SEA, California

2019     Leucadia Art Walk, Leucadia, California

2019    Freelance Design, Mark MacKay

2019    “Summer Bites” Exhibit, Fowler’s Boutique, Cardiff By The Sea, California

2019     Freelance Design, Cardiff SEA Foundation, California

2019     San Diego Art Institute (SDAI) annual C-Note Art Sale, San Diego, California

2019     MaxLove Project Foundation

2020     Freelance Design, Lelas Bistro, Portland, Oregon

2020     “SOSO2020” Exhibit, Fowler’s Boutique

2020     Help! I Wrecked My House, Season 1, Jasmine Roth, produced by HGTV

2020     Freelance Design, Cardiff SEA Foundation, California

2020     Freelance Design, Bob Haro Design

2020     “Southern California” Art Collection, Molly Wood Design, Costa Mesa, California

2021     "Vernal Reverie" virtual auction, Leucadia 101

2021     “Summer of Love” Exhibit, Fowler’s Boutique, Cardiff By The Sea, California

2021     Leucadia 101 Small Business Saturday, Street Fair, Leucadia, California

2021     “Newport Beach” Art Collection, Molly Wood Design, Costa Mesa, California.

2021     Album Cover Art, Jack Pavlina

2021     The Mi Esperanza Passport to Hope Fundraiser

2021     Freelance Design, Mark Mackay

2021     Help! I Wrecked My House, Season 2, Jasmine Roth, produced by HGTV

2021     “Surf Still Life” Art Collection, Grounded Modern, Encinitas, California

2021     Freelance Design, Cardiff SEA Foundation, California

2021     House Story by Jasmine Roth  

2021 Freelance Design, Cardiff 101

2022     Freelance Design, Cardiff SEA Foundation, California

2022     Freelance Design, Mark Mackay

2022     “Chicory” Art Collection, Slate Interiors, Charlotte, North Carolina

2022     Freelance Design, Creating Ripples

2022     Nurture Parenting magazine

2022 Arts Alive Banner Artist, Cardiff By The Sea, California

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Keto-Mojo ~ Glucose and Ketone testing meter

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"My process begins with building and stretching canvases as I contemplate my composition, followed by layers upon layers of acrylic paints until I am satisfied that the hues and lines reflect the image in my mind. Each work is completed with the creation of a hand made wooden floating frame. Every step involves my commitment to my own full artistic expression. Knowing that these pieces might become a part of someone else’s world as they hang on the walls of their homes remains the most humbling and rewarding aspect of my art."

LaMonte Lamoureux
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